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Skin Treatments


plus Basic Facial


plus Basic Facial


Chemical Peels

*All appointments have non refundable $25 Deposit that goes towards your treatment*

*LATE APPOINTMENT: We have a 15 min grace period, anytime after that your appointment will automatically be canceled 

Brightening Facial

Facial Add-Ons

LED Light Treatment


Whitening/Vitamin C Mask


Full Face Extractions


Under Eye Treatment


Collagen Boosting Serum


Vitamin C Mask


Fruit Antioxidant Mask


Neck facial


Why are facials Important?

A facial is a very effective multi-step skin treatment that cleanses, reduces the signs of sun damage, improves skin tone, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear ,well-hydrated complexion that helps to keep your skin looking younger.

All Facials are (45-60 mins.)

When treating more aggressive skin conditions, your esthetician might schedule you for a follow up treatment to check on your progress.

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